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New Zoo Revue is coming back! This video introduces the familiar characters: Henrietta Hippo, Freddie the Frog, and Charlie the Owl. Plus, we introduce a brand new character: Wang Yong the Panda! Listen to the new version of the New Zoo Revue's catchy and timeless theme song and meet a "new" Doug and Emmy Jo! New Zoo is still all about teaching kids good behavior when dealing with each other, their parents and the world around them! We're also emphasizing a new reading program: NEW ZOO READING. Part of our mission now is about the value of going “Green”... Teaching kids to recycle, reuse and replenish... Because we all live on this planet and share it with the animals! Welcome to NEW ZOO REVUE!


New Zoo Revue is back! The popular hit TV show is ready to wow kids of all ages all over again! One thing all the characters still dream about is being stars in Hollywood! This song has them all singing, dancing and imagining what it would be like to perform on stage before thousands of adoring fans!


New Zoo Revue is back! We're back with a message about taking care of our world! Teaching kids to recycle, reuse and replenish... because we all live on this planet and share it with the animals. Doug and Emmy Jo sing a song about it! It's called "My World". The New Zoo characters sing about how it's MY world but it’s also YOUR world, too! We all must take responsibility for how we take care of each other, the animals and the earth's fragile environment!


New Zoo Revue is back! This song is about working together. If all the kids and parents in the whole world practiced treating everyone with love and respect, what a difference it would make. When we start to “do to others as we would have them do to us” we would all get along, be more kind and be much more tolerant of our diversity. Teamwork will make the world all right!